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Twin Cities Life Ltd. (now “Townsville City Care Ltd.”) was established in 1998 and officially began operation in 1999 as a registered charity. It was established by a group of people who wanted to contribute to the families of Thuringowa & Townsville (hence the name “Twin Cities”) to receiving the social, moral, and emotional support of their peers. While the town has merged into one, the objectives of the organisation has never changed.

It started to run three seperate projects:

  • Tumbledown Towns Clowns

An creative education program for kids dealing with cooperation, reconciliation, and inclusiveness.

  • “Brain Food” for Kids

A feeding program for primary school students in the upper ross area. It received the Prime Ministers award for “Best community project”

  • Community Christmas Contributions

A project that skilled people who had been long term unemployed, and encouraged reconciliation with the communities of North Queensland and the Northern Territory.

In 2018, the organisation decided to change its name, in light of the fact that it was well established into the Townsville community. Today, Townsville City Care continues to serve the people of Townsville, Queensland, and internationally.


Our organisation is a public bennevolant organisation that continues to encourage reconciliation, inclusiveness, and support for individuals. We aim to help people in poverty and a financially disadvantaged cycle. We provide relief from poverty; education in social and community based areas; and offer opportunities for people to expand their life skills.

Our organisation seeks to help people who are:

  • “remote and rural” (due to geographic location)
  • children & youth
  • people “at risk”¬†
  • indigenous
  • disadvantaged by poverty
  • long-term unemployed¬†¬†

As a “not-for-profit” organisation, we guarantee that all of our funds are for the benefit of our clients and community. Townsville City Care is 95% volunteer organised (we contract some accounting responsibilities to secure integrity in our operations). As a DGR, we are able to receive financial and in-kind support that are tax deductions for individuals and organisations.

Our passion to help is growing. Our hope for people is unlimited. Our team are continually looking for ways to grow and expand. Our capacity is only limited by the availability of resource – financial and human.

Live & current

PROJECT: grace

Creating resources for kids in the developing country of Sri Lanka.
You can support a child for as little as $515 a year!

henny penny chicken farm

For $6000 we can help a family get out of poverty. You don't have to travel to change the world, and every donation is a step closer to change.

PROJECT: Outback Outreach

Designed to inspire those in the country and engage people from the city. It supports people isolated and feeling alone in the remote areas of Queensland.

bridge the gap

You can make the world smaller and your heart bigger. Bridge the gap for a 14 day cross-cultural international experience. Change your world... and others!

brunda street live

Do you want to express your creativity? PROJECT: M.I.C. is an initiative for 2019 to help young artists get from playing in the bedroom, and up on stage.

better // stronger

Did you know that 1 in 4 kids are abused; more than 3000 suicides occur every year? This is designed to help kids to find a healthy lifestyle in troubling times.

Our Chairman

Gregory Taylor (Dip.Bus., B.Th., GC.Lead) is a minister in a local church and a father of three. He is dedicated to serving the Townsville Community and to see people engage with their potential.

Our Treasurer

Maria Moriconi (Dip.Social Science) heralds from North Queensland. She is the co-owner of a multi-million dollar business that operates, locally, interstate and in the USA.

Our Secretary

Kylie Pollard (B.Ed) is an educator and a mother of three. She has an attention to detail and is passionate to make TCL an effective organisation.

Other board members

Stuart Long is currently studying his Masters in Business and is a father of four.
Matthew Marano works locally in Townsville and is a father of two.

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