PROJECT: grace

changing opportunity

This is a project that is designed to help those in poverty to obtain the right aid they need.
Making a difference has never been so easy… Children in developing countries often face the threat of condemnation – the intellectual capacity to make things better, but the educational lack due to financial constrains. Condemnation occurs when we are capable of doing something great, but bound not to ever achieve it. This bondage is a terrible abuse that is rampant in our world. BUT, we can make a substantial change in the course of our humanity. Grace breaks condemnation. Grace counteracts condemnation, it gives us the power to become what we are designed to be.

Grace is the ability that someone gives us to achieve our hope. It is the capacity to help a person beyond their own capacity and synergistic partnerships achieve great things.

This is “Project: Grace” because we are empowering a generation to be what God has designed for them, removing the condemnation of poverty. “Project: Grace” is designed to breach the restraints of condemnation and empower generations of people to make their world better. We have more resources than we often acknowledge. Australians face incredible opportunities in education, and resources to move forward. We have the capacity to show grace to our neighbours. By helping a child, you are making a difference, saving the planet, and making the world a better place for the entire human race.


Your contribution is VITAL. Each child sponsored receives:

  • A School uniform every year (shoes, socks, underwear, shorts/shirts or dress)
  • A School education pack (bag, books, pencils, and lunchbox)
  • An emergency medical fund
  • access to leadership development
  • weekly tutorials

We want you and your family to experience the full joy of developing relationship with people from another culture. We also want the families you are sponsoring to be inspired that there is something greater and change the generational perspective on the limits in their life. Project: Grace encourages sponsors correspondence through the City Care office. Emails are welcomed, and you may wish to send them a photo of your family. Not only does it bring hope and inspiration; it also enables your sponsored family to practice their English and understand another culture.

Sponsorship in your budget

You can choose when you make your sponsorship payments.


Per year


Per month


per week

all sponsorship is a tax deduction

We are currently helping children where their parents work in areas that do not receive a good wage. The average tea plantation worker receives about A$1 a day. The basic meal costs around the same. So these are families who struggle to have more than one meal a day and pay for the necessities of life. Families are encouraged to include their children in working on the plantation from as young as 10 years old. The conditions are very hard and there is very little provision for the hazards of their work. 

Shadrack & Jerusha Perrera

Shadrack and Jerusha are our volunteer co-ordinators who find the children in the most need and the resources needed for the children.

The “free” education system in Sri Lanka has proven to treat teachers very poorly. As a result the level of work in the classroom is often very low. To make ends meet, teachers have developed a “user pay” tutorial system. Students without the tutorial system are usually left behind and they are engaged in low paying jobs which perpetuate the cycle. Unfortunately, this has resulted in evolving a system that does not give children in poverty a fighting chance. Sponsorship gives the children the access they need.

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