In February 2019, Townsville faced a monumental disaster that inundated family homes. The town was subject to unprecedented rain, and as a result large portions of Townsville residents faced emergency conditions. Every resident was affected. During this time, individuals and organisations were activated to rescue and comfort displaced families. After the crisis subsided many more  synergised efforts to clean devastated suburbs. 

As the water subsided, heroic stories of resilience began to surface. It is these stories of hope that we wish to focus in on. Townsville City Care is hosting a series of workshops and an art gala night to show our stories of hope and strength.

This will culminate in an event held on Saturday 7 March at the Ballroom at Mecure Townsville, where a display of items produced can be viewed by the public from 6:00pm to 9:00pm with a light supper at 7:00pm. Tickets will be available in January 2020.


Express your story

Art therapy encourages the participants to focus on the creative art-making process itself, or on the analysis gained through an experience that has affected them personally. A visual and creative experience can assist people to collectively express experiences that may be too difficult to put into words

Creating space to be heard

Workshops, run by Townsville City Care, will give people the option to gain skills in music, dance, drama, painting, photographic and other creative and visual arts, while sharing their own experience of the 2019 storms and floods. The workshops will be facilitated by local artists who have experience in the field. The workshops, which will start in December, will concentrate on encouraging participants to use expressive and creative arts to demonstrate their emotional reactions to a devastating event and then be able to define how they were able to reestablish a hopeful outlook on life. The theme encourages people to identify the hope and resilience that the participant used to overcome any emergencies and crises events.

2019 Floods


...about 18,000 residents had lost power and that hundreds of others had evacuated...



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