Lifestyle Involvement and Family Toolbox

Counselling Service

Individual support for adults and children to address stressful crises. Short term counselling is preferred which involves six counselling sessions. After a short break to allow the client to implement some of the actions they have decided to try, a further six sessions may be offered.

"Group and community support" - to provide clients with access to services thereby allowing the clients to function, participate and develop in society.

"Inner Vision" is a group course clients participate in that allows the client to get a better idea of their view of the world, themselves, others and God. It focuses on challenging the clients’ negative thinking patterns and irrational core belief systems.

"Keeping Yourself Safe in Crises Situations" is a professional development course designed for leaders, workers and volunteers who work closely with people who find themselves in crisis situations.

Coffee and Chat Friendship Group

A social group for people new to Townsville or who live alone and would like to socialise with others in various locations thus enabling them to go into coffee shops or have lunch or dinner without the fear that they are attending a commercial business or industry on their own.

Silver Chain

A friendship support group that offers older people a time and place to meet for social support, entertainment and morning tea. It also allows for older people to continue to reside in the community while allowing them to have a safe place to meet others.

Community Pride

A way of supporting the community by providing volunteers that can assist in a clean-up program of local parks, shops, sports grounds, rivers, businesses or schools as part of Clean-Up Australia in March.

Homework Club

Available to students after school from 4.00pm – 5.00pm. Volunteers to assist students will include those with teaching degrees. Computers will be sourced to assist students with research. An extension of this program is a support group for older people to learn to use computers including Facebook, email, research, on-line chats, Spotify, YouTube, etc.

Cultural Awareness

We use a program called "Australians Together – Sharing our Story" to connect and reconcile

Group Programs

P5 – A Participatory Program Promoting Pleasurable Parenting

Participants listen to audio examples of everyday household hassles between parents and children, and then the incident is discussed, with input from parents and audio comments from the program author. Sessions cover:

  • Why children misbehave;
  • Confident parenting (and why it is hard to do);
  • How to recognise emotional forms of misbehaviour;
  • Identifying the beliefs parents have about themselves as people and parents, and gentle questioning of these beliefs;
  • Natural and logical consequences of behaviour;
  • Principles of effective listening, with an emphasis on practice of those skills; and
  • Positive ways to improve behaviour – consolidation of the information presented in previous sessions.
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