Bridge the gap

Leadership Development

This program develops leadership skills in young people who may not normally have the opportunity. It is designed to give individuals exposure to:

cross cultural awareness & inclusivness
international solutions to local issues
public speaking
team work
leadership & overcoming problems
flexibility in project management
dealing with staff
good finances

We use peer support and mentoring to help them understand these principles. The program also makes room for young people to travel overseas to help others in a developing country and apply those principles back home. 


Health & Hope in tough times

We have issues in our communities that are destructive to people. One in four have experienced sexual abuse. This is dramatically affecting the mental health and well being of the next generation. Many struggle and turn to substance abuse and even suicide. 

Having the right support and peers can make the difference. The Stronger//Better program is aimed for people under 25 who are working through tough issues. Stronger//Better is about reconfiguring the BS (bad situations) to provide hope in tough times. The It is designed to help through:

Peer support & coaching
Weekly counseling
Boot Camp to promote healthy bodies
Nutritional support (using food as medicine)

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