Sharpened Arrow

Change a persons perspective about themselves
and the whole world changes

Sharpened Arrow is a camp designed to expand the mind of young people who have been captive in perpetuating generational lies. Discrimination, fear, and prejudice has become ingrained in the world view of many young people born into poverty. Sharpened arrow provides them with the capacity to see beyond their current circumstance and to develop a personal vision for their future.

We have developed strong relationships with the network of christian churches to present this message of hope and vision. However, the camp is inclusive to all that we can sponsor. Children from the central region of Sri Lanka are invited to come to the camp.

Australians provide a rich source of inspiration and credibility to the overall message of the camp. You can come with us or sponsor a child to go.

For as little as $50 you can make an incredible difference in a teenagers life and let them see beyond their poverty.

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